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[NEW] The 1st Trainer Support Event of 2024 is being held!

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The 1st Trainer Support Event of 2024 will be held!

Following on from last year, this year too we will have a sports trainer give a lecture, including practical demonstrations, on how to move and maintain your body!

The theme this time is....

Core training and yoga

We will be giving a lecture on training methods to strengthen the core, which is important not only for soccer but for any sport.

You can also experience body maintenance through pelvic exercises that incorporate yoga, which has been gaining popularity in recent years!

■ Date and time

June 20, 2024 (Mon) 18:00~20:00/17:30 Reception


Soga Community Center 4th floor "Multipurpose Hall"

■Participation Fee

500 yen per person

Limited to the first 50 people. Registration will close once capacity is reached.

A flyer with detailed information is available here

Download PDF • 824KB

Click here for the application form

* Please note that this event is only available to elementary school students and above .

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