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Organization Officers
特定非営利活動法人 アブレイズ千葉SC
柿田 大輔
景山 秀貴
松本 達也
柴崎 翔多
髙橋 健太
本吉 健太郎
Origin of the emblem

The symbol of the emblem is the little tern, which is also the bird of Chiba City.

The motif is a migratory bird that spends spring and summer in Japan and is often seen during practice.

Club History

・April 2008: Establishment of the voluntary organization Ablaze Chiba Soccer Club, with representative Kozo Kinomoto (former J.League executive director) and manager Yoshikazu Nagai (former JEF's first professional manager).

Founded as a soccer club for junior high school students.

・April 2012: The voluntary organizations Ablaze Chiba and Chiba MOD'S merged and changed their name to the voluntary organization "Ablaze Chiba MOD'S Soccer Club." It has become a club for all ages, from preschoolers to those who want to play soccer for their whole lives.

April 2013: Changed name to voluntary organization "Ablaze Chiba Soccer Club"

・June 2013: Aoi Soccer School opened

・February 18, 2014: Establishment of the non-profit organization Ablaze Chiba Soccer Club

・April 2015: Opened Ablaze Soccer School

April 2023

Business restructuring due to changes in operating organization structure

Ablaze Soccer School restarts under new structure

April 2024

Junior team restarted under new structure

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